30 days with an iPad in key stage 3 music lessons

As an AST for Performing Arts and (hopefully) a forward thinking Head of Music at a secondary school, I am really interested in finding out how I can use (or more importantly) how my students can use hand held devices to develop their performance and composition skills. At this stage I have an ipad and an iphone – I haven’t really explored apps on my iphone yet, but I have had a quick go with a LOOPING APP called EyDy Looper and now I am thinking about ways to use it in my classroom.

The possibilities are endless – but as our year 8 classes are currently working on 1950′s rock and roll – and in particular Doo-Wap songs I thought I could ask 2 students to compose/improvise/record a typical doo-wap backing.

I spent 2 minutes showing them how to get around the touch screen commands and left them to play and create!